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Chorleywater - a sorry saga of Green Street and Chenies Road

posted 17 Feb 2013, 09:58 by Unknown user
Residents who have any reason to use Green Street recently will be fully aware of the problems plaging what has to be pretty much the best road in and out of the village.

The Residents' Association has been tracking the efforts of our Highway Authority - Hertfordshire Highways to fail to effectively deal with the ongoing issue that has recently arisen with flooding in the dip by Smiths Field on Green Street and on the pavement on Chenies Road.

Green Street

As far as we are aware there has been no proactive action taken to drain the flood, and although it can often be sensible to let nature take its own course of action, we feel that some assisted pumping of the water away into a working gully would have helped alleviate the length of time the road has been closed.

From our records the road has now been closed for over 3 weeks in as many months with incidents occurring in late November 2012, at the end of Jan and start of Feb 2013, and most recently last week. Fortunately the most recent event was relatively brief compared to others that have seen several cars written off - the flood water is deceptively deep when approaching from the A404.

Our County Councillor Christopher Hayward has confirmed, somewhat to our dismay, that the Green Street issue is now in the hands of Herts County Council Legal Department. We've asked for a number of points to be followed up.

1. Whilst we have no doubt of the efficiency of Hertfordshire legal team to expedite issues, we have asked if the situation has already got to a stage where negotiation between HCC and the landowner responsible for the water draining onto the highway has broken down completely? 

2. We have also asked that when the road has to be closed that more signage is put up to try to eliminate people entering Green St, as we've had several comments on the last closure that you could enter Green St and then find the road was closed 200m further up the road.

3. We have been onto the Hertfordshire Transport department regarding the complete lack of action that has been taken by HCC/Intalink to deal with the loss of the Carosel 336 bus service as many young and old people in our community depend on this service. There has been no information posted on the bus stop in Chorleywood. Transport for Bucks and Bucks County Council have advertised that the bus can't call in Chorleywood, why can't Hertfordshire and Intalink? We've specifically asked whether a dispensation be arranged to allow passengers with Hertfordshire travel passes to use the tube from Chorleywood to connect with the bus at Chalfont or Ricky, but suspect that this is far too much effort for anyone to sort out. One of the local District Councillors - Martin Trevett is hoping to organise a meeting with a representative of Carosel buses who run the service to see if there is any other way of getting buses in and out of the village 

4. Whilst we fully appreciate that its often best to allow nature to resolve the flooding naturally, could the Highway Contractors get hold of suitable high volume pump to assist with the collected water being removed to a nearby working gully? I realise that it won't be an instant fix due to the volume and backlog of water in the surrounding ground it could surely help get the road open quicker?

Chenies Road

In the meantime, for pupils walking to St Clement Danes the flood means that they have to divert across muddy paths and fields, or risk that they can wade their way through flood water that accumulates on the pavement on Chenies Road to the west of the junction with Common Road. One of the residents of Chenies Road has been appealing to Hertfordshire County Council for the past 4 years to do something about the lack of drainage on this pavement which is also an important walking route for pupils to/from St Clement Danes school and we have lent our voice to this situation where no action has been taken. The issue was highlighted in our report of local highway issues back in the Autumn, but the residents concerned has evidence dating back 4 years showing ongoing inaction from Hertfordshire. 

We would encourage any residents who have been inconvenienced by either of these issues to write in to HertsDirect and copy us into the correspondence.
Or call them on 0300 123 4047 and let us know any reference numbers you've given by email or leave us a message on 01923 537637.