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Chorleywood - passable with care

posted 11 Jun 2012, 10:52 by Unknown user   [ updated 13 Jun 2012, 13:53 ]
The recent inclement weather has highlighted a long ongoing problem with roads in and out of Chorleywood – their propensity to flood or suffer from poor or inadequate drainage. The perennial problems of some roads around the village are well known, however there appears to be a crop of new issues and during periods of rain most of the roads in and out of the village are likely to flood now.

But even with the recent proactive “gully cleaning” and blue paint applied to gully covers over recent weeks, we’re still plagued by problems on most of the roads in and out of the village. But with the recent rain the problem has been highlighted, and there are virtually no roads in or out of West Chorleywood where a pedrestrian could enter or leave the parish with dry feet (unless wearing rubber boots or waders) - a pretty poor show.

All of these problems, and others, have been logged with Herts Highways for consideration, and this document will be sent to the local County Councillor and Highway Engineer for further information. We'll update you with any feedback received.

Update: 13th June: a new version of the document has been created detailing two more issues for Herts Highways to consider.