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Chorleywood Station Car Park lighting

posted 2 Nov 2013, 04:03 by Unknown user
We've been on the case with Transport for London with regard to the lack of lighting in the station car park over the past couple of weeks.

There was an issue with the car park lighting back in Spring, and although it took TfL several weeks to resolve the fault they provided hired-in temporary lighting running off of diesel generators for the duration of the fault.

However on this occasion they seem either unwilling or unable to provide hired-in generator lighting, and after a whole week of darkness and after some pressure exerted from ourselves have installed some temporary lighting on top of the car park attendants hut as a stopgap solution. It's not ideal as it doesn't effectively light the whole car park, but it's better than nothing.

A hit squad of engineers were due to attend on Friday 1st November to progress the resolution of the fault, but this has been put back to Monday 4th November as some key resource was unavailable. We will continue to monitor the situation and chase TfL to provide a solution.