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Continuing reporting of Highways Faults

posted 13 Mar 2010, 03:20 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Mar 2010, 14:07 ]
The Residents Association continues to report Highways Faults to Hertfordshire Highways. This morning a blitz on Lower Road (30 faults) and Chalfont Lane (10 faults) got our tally of highway fault reports up to 269. We're now getting to the stage where we're starting to re-report previously identified issues, either as the original issue wasn't addressed, or the temporary repair has already fallen to bits!

To see what the HCC fault reporting portal looks like after our efforts on Lower Road and Chalfont Lane, take a look at this! (All the green dots represent the faults that have been reported)

Don't forget you can report your own faults using the Hertsdirect website using the link, but feel free to keep the Residents Association abreast of your thoughts on the repairs undertaken and the authority's response by e-mailing us at

The Highways department issued the press release PR9505 earlier this week explaining that they are continuing to work on the highways faults.

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