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Metropolitan & Chiltern Line - Update October 2010

posted 26 Oct 2010, 11:48 by Unknown user   [ updated 26 Oct 2010, 12:05 ]
Metropolitan Line trains

There are now 2 new "S-Stock" trains in passenger operation. A 2nd train equipped for passenger service was delivered on the 7th October, a third will be delivered by the end of the month. The first two old "A-Stock" trains have been scrapped as reported on the London Reconnections blog.

The issues surrounding the maintenance of the older "A-Stock" Metropolitan Line trains (as reported last week) are still ongoing and according to posters at Baker Street are likely to be ongoing for at least a week. As a result some train journeys


The main activity at the moment is training, and there’s a lot of it going on. Drivers have a simulator facility at their Neasden depot where they can get used to the train off the tracks, but then they are given the opportunity to use the train in regular passenger service between Watford and Wembley Park during off-peak hours. Over 100 of the Metropolitan Line drivers have been through new train training now, and there are some trips being made now in peak hours to allow drivers to obtain further familiarity with the new train. Other staff also have to go through training to enable them to assist drivers with incidents that may arise, and over 600 station staff have been through their training now.

The new trains will be gradually introduced into full passenger service from the 12th December as they are delivered from the manufacturer when the new timetable is introduced, although they will not be scheduled to run on all sections and branches of the Metropolitan line until the end of March 2011.


Although the main resignalling of the Metropolitan Line is still not confirmed (the feedback from the Government spending review sounds positive but nothing is confirmed as yet) there are modifications required to many of the existing signals to get them repositioned so they can be seen safely from both the old and new trains. This work is predominately complete but still some aspects of this work is ongoing, and is one of the primary reasons the new trains are only being run between Watford and Wembley Park at the moment.

Platform Cameras

The new trains have the platform CCTV images relayed into the drivers cab directly via a wireless link, and some work is underway to fine tune some of the images at some stations.

Power Supply Changes

The track power supplies need to be changed to optimise the power supply for the new S-Stock trains. This work is not essential for the new trains to use the tracks, but some of the existing track closures are being used to opportunistically get some of these works completed.


A reminder that the new timetable will come into effect on Sunday 12th December when the leaf-fall timetable will stop. From the 12th December 2010 off-peak trains on the Amersham branch will alternate between Amersham and Chesham as a terminating point. Chiltern Railways have released their timetable and have confirmed that there will be no changes to their train times in December (other than to revert from the leaf-fall timetable).

Roof works at Marylebone

The works being undertaken at Marylebone by Network Rail to replace the roof at Marylebone are well underway. Occasional commuters should be aware that due to the scaffolding in place the access to/from the platforms is a little more restricted than usual and that this situation is likely to be ongoing until December. At peak times there is occasionally queuing to get to/from trains and passengers would be advised to allow a couple more minutes for their journey.

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