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Metropolitan Line update

posted 26 Jul 2010, 03:48 by Unknown user   [ updated 26 Jul 2010, 04:30 ]
Work continues on the Metropolitan Line this summer to prepare the line for the new trains which will start to enter service in Autumn. The new "S-Stock" trains, replacing the A-Stock currently in service will be phased in over a period of 2 years, with approx one new train appearing on the Met Line every 2 weeks from late Autumn 2010 (the Met line has approx 58 trains in service).

If you've been in the right place at the right time, you may have already seen an S-Stock train, there are two pre-production units being tested on the line from time to time, and are being used to verify that all the new systems are working as they should, and to allow the drivers time to get used to the new trains. 

New Trains - training the drivers

One of the main tasks currently underway is driver training as the S-Stock are very different in both technology and handling, and TfL (Transport for London) have invested in a comprehensive training facility at Neasden for the drivers with a life-size simulator that depicts the Met Line in its entirely (except the Chesham branch). With hundreds of drivers to train, some of them have been driving the S-Stock for many years, the size of this task is not being underestimated by TfL. There are radio links that have to be established between the platform and the cab of the train as the train comes to a stop at a platform, and the stopping position of the train on the platform is more critical. As the new S-Stock trains handle and "drive" very differently from the A-Stock, it's important to allow the drivers ample opportunity to get used to the new equipment.

Some physical engineering works are also being completed, the biggest of these has just been completed with the extension of Platforms 3 and 4 at Baker Street (the new trains a couple of metres longer) which meant that Amersham branch trains ran short and terminated at Wembley Park for 3 weeks during off-peak times due to the reduced capacity to terminate trains at Baker Street.

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