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Proposed parking restrictions in Chenies Estate

posted 11 May 2013, 12:00 by Unknown user   [ updated 11 May 2013, 12:06 ]
New parking restrictions have been published for certain roads within the Chenies Estate (west of Shire Lane) following a public consultation. 

In order to discourage commuters from parking in these roads parking restrictions will be enforced from 11am to 12noon Monday to Friday in a similar manner to the restrictions already in place in most of the Station Estate (between Shire Lane, Lower Road and Quickley Lane). 

Residents wishing to park their cars on the street during this time will have to pay for a permit
  • £25 annually 
  • plus £30 for an annual visitors pass 
  • or £6 for a book of 10 one day vouchers! 
The Chair of the Residents' Association has spoken to Paul Edwards the local Traffic Engineer who stated that this scheme was well supported by local residents although our suspicion is that many residents felt they were not given any viable alternative aside from paving over their front garden or paying to park on the public highway. He also said that residents will shortly receive information on how they can apply for these permits and a review of the scheme will be carried out after a few months to assess its success and impact on residents. 

The Residents' Association are keen to understand what you think about this scheme and the slow creep of urbanisation across Chorleywood. 

Email your comments to or use the form below.

Parking Restrictions in Chenies Estate