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Response from Herts Highways over Chorleywood Flooding

posted 7 Sept 2012, 13:12 by Unknown user
Due to a mix up between the Highway Engineer and our local Herts County Councillor, we didn't get the response to the Highway Flooding issues we raised with Herts Highways quite as quickly as we should. And then we've been busy for the past couple of weeks as well.

But in summary it looks like we've prompted a number of strands of action to progress these ongoing drainage issues. We can see some positive progress on these already, works have been underway this week on Green Street by the Chiltern Hills Golf Course and Stubbs Farm. We'll keep in touch with Chris Hayward and the Highs Highways team to make sure that they follow through with all the works necessary.

Response from Herts Highways:

Station Approach

This has been identified as a blocked set back gully, it is our intention to replace existing gully with a normal road side gully. Last inspection outlet blocked with plastic bottle. Order will be issued to replace gully next month.

The gully outside the station will be investigated and jetted by the end of this month – this may identify further action as required.

Green Street

This is not an easy one to resolve in one hit. We have carried out some additional ditching works last year and this will need to be re excavated to remove the build up of silt. It has been identified that there are two specific locations that need attention.

Stubs Farm – flooding on both sides of the carriageway and existing verge and footway have been washed away. It is the intention to install 2 road gullies at this location, form a new open ditch in the wide verge and carry out repairs to the footway and verge area. This work will be ordered next month.

Opposite this location there is an existing pond, this will restrict any new ditching works to be carried out. The pond is on Bucks County Council Land. I have been in contact with them to arrange a joint site visit, as the new golf course wants to build a small reservoir adjacent to this area, in the long term, subject to agreement with Bucks this should resolve the flooding issue at this location and will allow HCC to carry out some additional ditching works.

The dip area by golf course – it was originally thought that surface water was running from the golf course area, having visited the site I am not convinced this is the case as the golf course is trying to retain as much water as possible. Maintenance works to existing gullies and ditches will be ordered next month.

Long Lane

The original problem with water running down Long Lane from near the junction with Little Hill has been resolved. This was caused by surface water from the reservoir entering an electrical duct and discharging into Long Lane. Veolia water have carried out some remedial works within the site to prevent this.

The remaining issue is that there is a broken connection from a manhole further down Long Lane, this needs additional investigation before a solution can be found. We intend to carry this out when Long Lane is closed for the works on the speed tables as part of the 20mph limit in Heronsgate Road, now due to be progressed in September.

Berry / Dog Kennel Lane

The existing ditch system along Berry Lane under the M25 was cleaned out earlier this year, but will need to be completed again. Order will be issued

At the junction of Dog Kennel Lane, the existing gully discharges into an open ditch, this needs to be cleaned and the ditch re profiled, again an order will be issued later this month.

Shepherds Lane

Identified as a blocked gully, added to Vactor programme for later this month

Common Road

Further investigation is needed at this location, the existing gullies at the junction of Common Road, discharge into the pond, these will be cleaned and jetted later this month, however it appears that there may be a broken connection, possibly caused by a utility company, that will require investigation with a CCTV survey. This needs to be planned and it is hopeful that this can be carried out before winter.

Common Gate Road

Identified as blocked gullies caused by verge erosion, the existing gullies outfall into a soakaway system in the verge. These will be cleaned out later this month. Further works will be required to stop the verge erosion in the future. I will arrange this under the new contract arrangements with Ringways.

Stag Lane

Blocked gully, added to vactor list for later this month.

It is worth mentioning that we have experienced a months rainfall in a number of days which has highlighted a number of flooding locations that require investigation and we will be working our way around these subject to available resources.