Contact Hertfordshire Flood Water Management

Hertfordshire County Council has been appointed Under Section 19 of the Flood Water Management Act 2010 as the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for Hertfordshire has the role of managing flood risk from surface water and groundwater. 

The Hertfordshire Local Flood Risk Management Strategy is available online at the following web page

If you care to browse the document, and from our layperson's understanding of the document, there is a prioritisation matrix on Page 29 that sets out the six criteria by which Hertfordshire will initially rank flooding issues.
  • Number of Buildings affected (15%)
  • Critical Infrastructure (10%)
  • Historic Flooding Incidents (35%)
  • Partners Agree this is priority (20%)
  • Funding in Place (10%)
  • Causing Deprivation (10%)
From a laypersons point of view it's not obvious Green Street will score well in all of the criteria above. No buildings directly involved. Probably no funding in place. Deprivation limited, although loss of bus will be impacting lower income groups.

It's therefore important that as many residents contact Flood Water management at Hertfordshire County Council

Email them:

If you prefer, you can call:

Andy Hardstaff
Flood and Water Management Officer
01992 556470

Or you can write:

Andy Hardstaff
Flood and Water Management Officer
Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall
SG13 8DN

We understand from a document made available to us by our County Councillor that this process is underway [see Outline of Investigation into flooding on Green Street], but is likely to take up to 16  weeks, and that is just for a report to be produced, not for any action to be taken.

The community can help by targeting four of the stated criteria above
  • Describing the indirect impact of the closure of Green Street on the school and the village of Chorleywood
  • State how Green Street is the best/widest road we have in and out of the village and it disrupts deliveries
  • We can really help with our historic knowledge of the area and describe the history of flooding on Green Street
  • State the impact of the loss of the bus service on the community.

You can also challenge 
  • Why has it taken 3 years of flooding in this location before Hertfordshire has taken any action?
  • Why is it going to take 16 weeks for a report to be produced?
  • Why does it seem there are no goals set for the report and its recommendations to be implemented?
  • When will the surface water drainage and flooding issue on Green Street be resolved?
If you're able to keep us updated by copying us or our Country Councillor into correspondence and probably more importantly replies we would appreciate it