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To light, or not to light, that is the Question

posted 25 Sept 2012, 13:24 by Unknown user
As many residents will be aware, there was a fairly controversial decision to implement changes in street lighting hours in 2011 by Hertfordshire County Council. The decision to make this change is explained on the HertsDirect website.

It would appear that some residents in Hertfordshire are calling for a debate:
There is a petition on the HertsDirect website calling for the Street Lights to be turned back on
And in the name of fairness there's another petition calling for the Street Lights to be kept turned off.

The fact that there's a ePetition system on the HertsDirect website is a revelation in the first place.... I wonder what we can do with that in this forgotten corner of South West Hertfordshire.

Anyway, if anyone in Chorleywood has any strong views - either way - on whether we should see the light after midnight or not, you can express you opinion in a couple of minutes and a few mouse clicks.