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Update on gritting in Chorleywood

posted 5 Nov 2010, 04:53 by Unknown user   [ updated 5 Nov 2010, 05:21 ]
Further to our recent posting about the gritting routes in Chorleywood and across the country being cut back, it would appear that there's some mixed messages coming from the District and County Council. However it would appear that salting routes will be "normal" unless there's a national shortage of salt, at which will be decision of national government.

Cllr Stuart Pile, Executive Member for Highways & Transport, Hertfordshire County Council confirmed the latest position on winter maintenance. 
  • It is not the county council that decides whether the restricted salting network operation is put into operation.  This decision is for the Department for Transport (DfT) who do this in order to preserve national salt stocks.  They call this Salt Cell. 
  • HCC gritters have not yet begun to salt any roads, thankfully.  When we have to do so, we will grit according to the latest winter maintenance plans passed by out Highways & Transport Panel - full routes system on a demand led basis NOT restricted by any financial constraint.  There is no cash limit on the winter maintenance service.  We would only go down to restricted gritting routes if instructed to do so by the DfT or if salt stocks reach low levels.  Currently our salt barns are half full.  This is not where we would normally be, but due to salt production problems and catch up from two bad winters, the suppliers cannot dig enough salt out of the ground.  We have sufficient salt to deal with the low season until the end of November, and our barns should be full for the high season of Dec to Feb. 
  • The Highways & Transport Panel has completed a revision of the winter maintenance service during the summer, and gritting routes have changed and additional salt bins allocated.  Details of routes, bin locations and other information can be found on our website 
  • There is no objection process for gritting routes, but of course we listen to local residents and Members about what roads to do.  I will copy this message to our team so they are aware of your comments. 
  • HCC has issued lots of advice about snow clearance outside homes and businesses.  The situation has been clarified by government and the latest information is available from 
Additionally the local highways engineer has confirmed:
  • It is HCC`s intention to carry out normal salting operations this winter,  however in the event of extreme weather conditions it may revert to the reduced network but this will be led by central government. 
The latest map for the salting routes in Chorleywood on the HertsDirect website is as follows

Note: this map is subject to Copyright 
©Crown Copyright. All rights reserved. Hertfordshire County Council, 100019606, 2010 , ©Geo Perspectives

Purple = Primary Route, salted in all circumstances (A404 in our case)
Red = Secondary Route
Blue = Tertiary Route

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