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Update on HS2 - sign the online petition!

posted 12 Nov 2010, 00:36 by Unknown user   [ updated 12 Nov 2010, 00:55 ]
The campaign against HS2 (High Speed 2 - the proposed high-speed rail line that will cut through the Chilterns) is growing apace.

As we wrote back in March in our Transport News, the government's announced preferred route is following the Misbourne Valley, and although the impact to part of the Chilterns that we're closest to in Chorleywood is being minimised by the rail line being tunnelled  - at some considerable depth in most circumstances - if this proposed route is accepted as the actual route there will be considerable impact on the local area immediately around Chorleywood will be during the construction phase - suggested to be from 2017 to 2025. But the beautiful Chiltern countryside north of Amersham will be blighted, and places like Wendover will have HS2 passing above the village on a viaduct.

Remembering that HS2 offers nothing to our area - the high speed trains won't be stopping anywhere to pick up or set down passengers, the Residents' Association encourages its members to update themselves on the implications of the HS2 to our local area. Although there's no direct impact to Chorleywood there's likely to be local disruption during construction.

For more information
  • Consult our original article back in March on HS2 wich has links to the Government HS2 scheme information
  • Read the views of the Stop HS2 group on their website
  • Also read more about the scheme on the HS2 Action Alliance website
We would encourage everyone to sign the Stop HS2 Petition
Is this the kind of development we need right now when the country can least afford it?

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