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Veolia Water block off parking in Lower Road

posted 7 Sept 2012, 13:00 by Unknown user
You know the feeling when you're stuck in a traffic jam on a main road, lanes are coned off, and no work is going on. You think there must surely be a better way. But you don't know who to complain to, and if you do will they care and will they do anything about it.

So this week Clancy Docwra coned off 8 parking spaces on either side of the road outside of the Library on Wednesday, and by Friday nothing has happened. Chorleywood may not be the centre of the Universe, but the parking on Lower Road is an essential ingredient for our local businesses and retailers, so when someone decides to close the road for no good reason it's at least worth a phone call.

It was late on Thursday when we rang the 0845 782 3333 number. The call was promptly answered by Veolia Water. They first struggled because we didn't have the postcode of Lower Road, but they eventually got round to logging the complaint and giving a reference number. We explained that it was not appropriate to close off valuable parking spaces for so long without doing any work, there was no licence number displayed for the works being undertaken, and the works were not showing on the Herts Highways roadworks portal. we were assured of a call back on Friday.

So 5pm on Friday we get the promised call back from someone in Veolia who is confused -they've spoken to Clancy Docwra who have confirmed that some work is planned to go on this weekend, but apparently its nothing to do with Veolia Water. Veolia water claim that they can't help me any further even though Clancy's barriers have Veolia's name and phone number on them. It's now after 5pm and a call to Clancy's HQ which is very local on the edge of Harefield goes unanswered. So who exactly is responsible?

Well having checked this evening again the portal it appears that the works have now belated appeared online.

Lower Road, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire
Works Start: 06 Sep
Works End: 10 Sep
Low impact, delays unlikely
Description: Install a 63mm New Water Service to serve a 6 Way Manifold - Excavation in the CW/FW - Potential Open Cut Trench Works of 7.2m in the CW / 2.0m in the FW - Working with Chapter 8 Signing & Guarding & Priority Boards - Pre-Cone both sides of the CW to facilitate works - Remedial Works to Rectifiy a Highways Defect
Current status: Work in progress
Traffic lights, etc: Traffic control (priority working)
Queries should be addressed to Veolia Water quoting reference MX042235463600
Work info last modified 15:09 on 07/09/2012
Last updated on 18:37 on 07/09/2012
Data source Hertfordshire County Council

So whatever calls we have made have got the works registered, and the Veolia are the responsible utility.
We may follow this up in writing to both the Highways Authority, Clancy Docwra and Veolia Water so see what they all have to say for themselves. Closing so many parking spaces for no reason is just not cricket.