Local NHW Information

History of Neighbourhood Watch in West Chorleywood (now South Chorleywood)
Pre 1993

The first Watches were set up in Quickley Lane, Hillside Road, Berks Hill, South Road and Burfield Road in 1985/86. These were followed by new Watches in Furze View, Lower Road, Old Shire Lane, and Grovewood Close.

1993 - 2001

In 1993 the new Police Constable, Ian Spencer, recruited Michael Facey and John Sheldon as Area Co-ordinators and the period from 1994 - 2001 saw the steady growth of Neighbourhood Watch across West Chorleywood. When Michael Facey retired in 1991 John Sheldon took over responsibility for the whole of the West Chorleywood ward.


New Watches continued to be started and in 2013 the long term target of 100% Neighourhood Watch coverage in over 2200 houses was achieved. Watches have also been set up in most of the apartment blocks in West Chorleywood.

Post 2012

The District Council electoral boundaries were reviewed and changed in 2013. Notwithstanding these changes our Neighbourhood Watch continues to cover the same roads as before, but our name has changed to Chorleywood South.

What are the key Neighbourhood Watch roles in Three Rivers?
  • Three Rivers District Co-ordinator for Neighbourhood Watch
    Sue Thompson:
     a voluntary role which oversees Neighbourhood Watch development across Three Rivers and sits on Herts. Watch - the central committee for Neighbourhood Watch in Hertfordshire. Is responsible for monitoring the level of support provided to Area and Road Co-ordinators.

  • Ward Co-ordinator in West Chorleywood
    David Clark:
     co-ordinates the development of Neighbourhood Watch in South Chorleywood and maintains close contact with Police personnel.

  • Area Co-ordinators: co-ordinate the activities of Neighbourhood Watch in their area and maintain good communication with Road Co-ordinators and also the police.

  • Road Co-ordinators: advise their members about suggested action to be taken following crime in the area, distribute newsletters and crime prevention literature, and contact new residents in the road.

It should be emphasised that Three Rivers is one of the safest places in Hertfordshire in which to live. Neighbourhood Watch can make an important contribution to ensure that this remains so.