Security Advice

General Safety and Security Advice At home
  • lock front and back doors and ensure that all windows are secure before leaving
  • if UPVC doors are fitted ensure the handle is lifted and use the key to lock it securely
  • keep garages and passage doors locked
  • avoid leaving car keys in a prominent place e.g. in the hall or kitchen
  • if away at night consider leaving an inside light(s) on
  • on holiday - consider asking a neighbour to park a car on the drive
  • awareness of distraction burglars - turn up unannounced intending to gain access
You can find lots of information on crime prevention on the Hertfordshire Police website.

In the garden
  • keep sheds securely locked by using a strong padlock.
  • keep ladders locked away or securely fastened
  • put gardening equipment away when not in use to ensure it is not used to break in
In the car
  • avoid leaving valuables on display - even an empty bag left may result in a broken window or lock
  • remove Sat Nav equipment including the holder - not forgetting to wipe off the imprint from the window
  • close and lock doors, windows, boots, sunroofs before leaving the car and make sure you use all security devices fitted
  • keep keys safe at home by keeping them out of sight and away from windows and doors

Let's not give criminals an easy ride

Distraction burglaries 

Most people who call at your house will be genuine. However, sometimes people turn up on the doorstep unannounced with the intention of tricking their way into the house. They are known as "distraction burglars" or "bogus callers", and their aim is to get into your home and distract you to enable them to steal your money or valuables. The most common scenario is a bogus water official but they may claim to be from the council, the police, health organisations or utility companies. They can be persuasive and sometimes intimidating. Generally they work in twos and whilst one talks to the owner the other may search the house.

If in doubt, keep them out!

Rogue traders 

Be wary of being "conned" by these individuals, particularly those offering to repair roofs, tarmac drives, prune trees, etc. It is not recommended to pay money up front. The advice of both Crime Prevention and Trading Standards is to ask friends for their recommendations and get more than one quote.

Bogus telephone calls 

Never give your bank or personal details to people who call you on the telephone, or call unannounced at your home. One resident reported receiving a call from a representative of BT informing her that he was disconnecting her because of an unpaid bill. He demanded payment by credit card immediately. This resident wasn't even a BT customer!

Builders' heavy equipment and tools 

These thefts continue to happen in our area at night and in the daytime. If you see anything suspicious you should dial 999.