• This page shows three alternatives that will go to the same form to make a donation.  
  • The page is live on the website but is not linked or on the menus, so you need the URL to get to it.
  • Donations made through this page are real.  They go into the CRA PayPal account, less PayPal's charges which are currently 30p minimum.
  • The form is set to have default amounts of £5, £10, £30 or one you can enter directly
  • You can make donations from your own PayPal account, or using a Credit or Debit Card
  • The donations are one-off.  We will be introducing subscriptions later.
  • The donation form is hosted by PayPal as our current website is not secure enough to do this embedded in a page.
  • After making a donation, the form takes you to a thank-you page ( which needs some proper text

Alternative 1 - as a link

This link can be used in emails either like this where the link is hidden or in the full form

Alternative 2 - as an image

This is using an image which then goes to the same link when clicked.  This isn't great for MailChimp emails as often the images are blocked

Donate to support CRA

Alternative 3 - as a QR Code

You should be able to scan this with your phone camera and it will take you to the same form to make the donation.

Donate to support CRA