About Us

The Chorleywood Residents Association (CRA) is a non-party political association that is passionate about maintaining the special character of Chorleywood.  

The work of the Association is championed by the Executive Committee, a dedicated enthusiastic body of volunteers, committed to representing all residents of Chorleywood Parish and campaigning on their behalf. The Executive Committee is supported in this work by the Resident Representatives and others who distribute items of interest to residents in the road they represent. This may include newsletters, leaflets and surveys

Detailed below are the Chorleywood Residents Associations Values, Mission and Vision.  

They are intended to help convey the role of the Association to the residents of Chorleywood and provide a framework within which the Executive Committee formulates Objectives and Action Plans.

OUR VALUES  (These represent who we are and why we do what we do)
  • We are passionate about Chorleywood
  • We are determined that the special character of Chorleywood be maintained and enhanced
  • We aim to serve and help the community in a voluntary non party political way 

MISSION STATEMENT  (These represent what we do)
  • CRA facilitates Residents in making the right connections to resolve issues (involving Planning, Transport, Roads, Health and Wellbeing, Crime, Education, and our Environment) 
  • CRA reaches out to Residents through several vehicles  (Twitter, Facebook, Newsletters,  a comprehensive website and more)
  • CRA  campaigns on behalf of all residents, children and adults of all ages

VISION STATEMENT (These represent our long term vision of our future)
  • To connect with all Residents in Chorleywood
  • To understand all Residents' needs through regular engagement with our members and other community groups
  • To enhance the relationship between CRA and local government bodies