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Exec Committee

The Executive Committee meets approximately every 4 weeks, and has a rolling agenda of items of relevance to the local community.
The Officers of the Committee are:

Chair Owen Edis chair@chorleywoodresidents.co.uk
Vice-chair Annette Naughton chair@chorleywoodresidents.co.uk 
Honorary Secretary David Hiddleston secretary@chorleywoodresidents.co.uk
Honorary Treasurer Anthea Hunter treasurer@chorleywoodresidents.co.uk

The current members of the Executive Committee, and their responsibilities, are:

  Name CRA Responsibility Deputy
Owen Edis Chairman Annette
External Publicity David
Noticeboards Rajen
Annette Naughton Hon. Vice Chairman David
Events – AGM, Village Day etc. Penny
Advertising Jill
Business Liaison Team Rajen
Anthea Hunter Hon. Treasurer Rajen
Local Business Liaison Rajen
David Hiddleston Hon. Secretary Richard
Area/Resident Reps Coordinator Richard
Richard Hartley Roads, footpaths David
Parking & public transport issues David

Jon Bishop Planning Applications & Enquiries Richard
Environment & Health Owen
Jill Menghetti TCR Magazine Editorial Owen
Phil Ellis On-line Communications, Website Peter Fawcett (non-EC)
Social Media Annette
Data Analysis Jon
Neighbourhood Watch, OWL, PCSOs Rajen
Rajen Kantaria CRA Governance & Regulatory Issues David
Sponsorship David
Penny Collins Education, Leisure & Sport Annette
Events Annette
Mark Fowler
CRA 100 Club Administration Owen