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The Executive Committee has examined the way in which we partner with local organisations and communicate with our members and what steps we can take to improve that communication. Our aim is to ensure that we are communicating with the right people in the right way at the right time.
As members you will already be aware of the Chorleywood Newsletter that we publish in the Spring and Autumn and many of you are already familiar with our website judging by the number of “visits” we get every month. We also use Facebook and tweet on a variety of topics on Twitter, highlighting updates to our website, promoting local events, and warning the community of roadworks and disruption that we're aware of - if you use Twitter you can follow us at @chorleywoodres
As part of the initiative to improve communication, we have also started sending out an email update every few weeks that includes highlights on what the committee has been doing, what changes we’ve made to the website, details of local events and “What’s On” in and around the village and it also gives us an opportunity to solicit feedback from you or invite you to respond to a consultation. You can sign up for these e-mail updates on our website.
In addition to the above we have also partnered with The Chorleywood Magazine. Many of you will have noticed that we have had a page dedicated to the Chorleywood Residents' Association. This monthly publication gives us an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience who may not yet be aware of the Residents' Association and what it does. Having looked at all the local publications the committee identified this publication as being the one that most closely aligns with our Communications Strategy. Its aim of being a locally produced, community focused publication supports and underpins the objectives of our own newsletter, the website and the email updates.  
Of course communication is a two way street so whilst we are committed to communicating with you in the right way and at the right time we need you to communicate with us. Tell us what you think about our publications, tell us what’s happening in your part of the village and tell us what’s good and not so good about Chorleywood. We would also like to hear about where else you would like us to get involved - are there local issues where you think we can help but we are currently not involved? We look forward to hearing from you!